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Why Are We Using Nitrogen Gas For Leak Tests?

why nitrogen is used for gas leak detection

Nitrogen is one of the most common elements in the atmosphere so it is popularly used in a lot of industrial operations especially in gas leak testing. When choosing materials for industrial, commercial or residential purposes, it is practical to use common and easy to source materials. This is why many industries prefer nitrogen gas […]

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How To Tell If My House Has A Gas Leak?

how to detect gas leaks

Gas leaks are not just a safety risk for people and animals, they can also cause catastrophic damage to properties. If left undetected, it can pose a great danger to everyone one within the property and neighbouring areas. Gas leaks are not easy to detect. Natural gas is undetectable and does not give out a […]

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How Do Acoustic Water Leak Detectors Work?

acoustic leak detection

Water creates a specific noise when it leaks through burst pipes. This is what acoustic leak detectors look for when locating a leaky pipe. Water leaks produce high-frequency to low-frequency noise that can easily be picked up by acoustic detectors. Some of the common signs of burst pipes are: – Unusually wet areas inside and […]

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How To Detect Burst Pipes

burst pipes

Burst water pipes can be the result of many factors – sudden changes in temperature especially freezing cold, rust, installation issues, and many other reasons. More important than knowing why your water pipes have burst is detecting a leak or a burst pipe itself. It can be hard to notice you have a water leak […]

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How To Turn Your Water Off During Emergencies

emergency water leak

When you have a water leak or a suspected burst water pipe at home or in commercial buildings, it is crucial to turn the water supply off to avoid flooding and a hefty water bill. However, do you know where your water meter is located? Do you even know how to turn it off? For […]

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Tracer Gas Detection

Pinpointing hard leaks under concrete by using the latest equipment that picks up even  the smallest traces of gas. Water Leak Detection only uses safe methods for you, your family and your pets.

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Acoustic Leak Detection

Finding water or gas leaks using sensitive equipment that picks up Sound that travels through the pipe work.  Water escaping at a high pressure creates a nose and vibration.

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