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There is simply no better way to check drain leaks than using high-tech cameras that can give you a clear view of the problem area. High-definition cameras do not just give you a clear picture of the leaks, they also allow access to visually hard to reach areas.

Drain and pipe camera inspections are becoming popular nowadays because of accurate and fast results. Preventing further damage and locating leaks has never been this easy!

Drain Camera Inspections Melbourne

One of the most common plumbing issues today is blocked drains. Not only is it inconvenient, but it is also unsanitary at the same time. Clogged drains can cause flooding, pipe leaking and rusting, and bad odours if not fixed right away. The best way to pinpoint the blockage and get accurate information is by utilising a Drain Camera Inspection.

How Does it Work?

Drain camera inspections are done by using a high tech crawler camera system. These cameras can get through small pipes and ducts, giving you a 360-degree view of your pipes and plumbing system. This will give you a detailed and thorough visual of any damage, blockages, breaks, and other potential plumbing problems.

Once the camera inspection is done, you will be provided with a USB or DVD copy of what the cameras have captured so you can use it to fix the problem or forward it to your tradespeople to fix the issues.

What are the Advantages of Drain Camera Inspections?

  • It saves time - Camera inspections are quick to do but give accurate results.
  • Cost-effective- It is an efficient method to find leaks, blockage, and other plumbing issues, saving you time and money.
  • Eliminates the need for excavation or taking out suspected drains and pipes. This cuts the inspection time in half.
  • Accurate diagnostic - it provides a real-time feed and will tell you exactly what the problem is.
  • Lower labour costs - without cameras, you will need more people to dig and find the problem areas. This will also involve a lot of trial and error until you find the problem. With drain cameras, you can get straight to the issue without needing all the manpower.
  • Preventative maintenance - CCTV drain inspection helps prevent severe plumbing problems because you can nip the problem in the bud before it develops into a serious issue.
  • Safe - drain cameras eliminate the need for digging and extra labour-intensive procedures in locating the leak.

Signs You Need a Drain Camera Inspection

Take note of the following signs. Call WATER LEAK DETECTION right away.

  • Slow Drains - Slow drain pipes are obvious signs of blocked drains or leakage. Slow drains can cause wastage of water, increase in water bills, flooding, contamination, and many other harmful effects. When you notice slow drains, do not delay. Contact us immediately so you can get to the root of the problem. Your water should always maintain high pressure otherwise, you may have leaking and blockage.
  • Bad Odours - Plumbing or sewage odour is a sign of serious plumbing issues. This is caused by a blockage most of the time. Confirm and locate the problem area and have the issue fixed.
  • Mould and Water Damage - Mould and water damage is almost always caused by water leaks and drain blockages. These issues must be resolved immediately because mould and fungus are dangerous to your health.
  • Sounds of Water - as soon as you notice the tiniest sound of water, take action. Do not let the problem last because water leakage can cause serious damage to infrastructure and to your health. Your pipes, including stormwater drains, need to be checked thoroughly.
  • Sudden Increase in Your Water Bill - If you have no significant changes in your water consumption, chances are, water leakage is happening. Find the problem quickly. Use drain cameras to locate the problem area for a faster resolution.

Important TIP:

Set regular sewage and septic system maintenance yearly. Do not wait for problems to arise. Get ahead of any potential problems by having pipeline camera inspections conducted annually. This will save you time and money in the long run.

WATER LEAK DETECTION is the most-trusted water leak detection company in Melbourne. We cater to all kinds of leaks right across Melbourne using high quality, top of the line CCTV cameras. If you have a suspected or confirmed leak, do not hesitate to call us at 1300 425 325.