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Protect your assets. Find problems before they can cause serious trouble and cost thousands of dollars. Thermal imaging detection is vital in maintaining the integrity of your building, may it be residential, commercial, or industrial. Thermal cameras allow you to see through walls, floors, even equipment and machines and accurately pin-point water-leaks and other problem areas before they get worse.

Most insurance companies require thermal imaging for most businesses. And rightly so. There are a number of advantages with Thermal Imaging.

Advantages of using Thermal Imaging

  • Maintaining safety in the workplace.
  • Early detection of water leaks.
  • Early detection of hazardous structural damage that is not seen by the human eye right away.
  • Allows early intervention of potential problem areas of the building or structure.
  • It helps avoid equipment failures.
  • It helps avoid electrical fires.
  • Critical for preventative maintenance.
  • Early intervention for foundation, equipment, and electrical damage.

Uses of Thermal Imaging

  • Identify water or moisture content in walls, roofs, floors, and other areas of your building especially the foundation.
  • Find leaks in windows and door seals.
  • Identify circuit board hotspots to avoid disruptions and downtime or worse, fire.
  • Find faults in buildings and equipment.
  • Monitor damage and structural failure in buildings and machines.
  • Residential inspections.
  • Termite Detection.
  • Identify hot or lose Electrical Connectors.
  • Scan underfloor heating.
  • Find overheated components in your house or building like transformers and other electrical components.
  • Check HVAC issues.
  • Finds blockage of Pipes and ducts.
  • Identifying heat loss.
  • Identifying waste heat from appliances.

Other uses of Thermal Imaging

  • Surveillance
  • Firefighting
  • Search and Rescue
  • Maritime Navigation
  • Road Safety
  • Drug busts
  • Air Quality
  • Disease Control
  • Military and Defense Applications

Thermal imaging is crucial in house inspections and ensuring that your buildings and machines are safe to use. There are many factors that the human eye can’t see especially when you are dealing with concrete, cement, metal, or wood. Thermal imaging allows you to check what your eyes usually can’t see.

Adding thermal imaging in your routine maintenance check for your equipment and buildings will ensure the safety and efficiency of your operations. As for residential buildings, you will sleep well at night knowing that both your building exterior and the interior are safe and sound for your family to live in.

The aim of thermal imaging is your SAFETY. You can prevent all kinds of problems that can be fatal if you include thermal imaging in your safety maintenance.

Why us?

Water Leak Detection is your one-stop-shop for all kinds of water leak detection services in Melbourne. We are the most trusted Thermal Imaging Company in the area.

We use only top of the line thermal imaging cameras the industry has to offer. We are focused on finding any faults and issues in your building and equipment and recommend the right course of action and the right tradespeople to help correct or remedy the problem areas.

With Water Leak Detection, you will get an unbiased service in finding problem areas that need your immediate attention. With Water Lead Detection, you know you are working with professional thermographers who only have your best interests in mind.

We also provide other water leak detection services that may come in handy or can be used together with our Thermal Imaging services:

  • Acoustic Leak Detection - identifying water or gas leaks by using sounds or acoustic sensors. Water and gas escaping at a high pressure create noise or vibration which will be detected by our sensitive acoustic sensors.
  • Tracer Gas Detection - this is used for hard to pinpoint leaks like ones under hard concrete. We use only the safest, most effective equipment in tracing even the smallest traces of gas. This process is safe for you, your children, and your pets.
  • Camera Inspections - we use this for hard to reach areas. This method can also be used along with our thermal imaging services. We take photos and videos of the problem areas so you and your tradespeople can use them to resolve the issues.
  • Natural Gas Detection - Gas leaks are very dangerous. If you detect even the faintest smell of gas, call us right away so we can confirm and you can take action.
  • Pipe Location - locate your pipes and ducts accurately before doing some digging and other construction work.

For your thermal imaging detection needs, be it for residential or commercial purposes, give us a call at 1300 425 325. Remember, safety first!