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A natural gas leak is hard to detect especially for the average homeowner. It can be almost impossible to pinpoint the exact location. Locating natural gas leaks is crucial to the safety of home or business owners and to everyone in general. It is important that gas leaks are detected early and appropriate steps are taken in a timely manner.

Gas Leak Detection Service Melbourne

Most homes use natural gas for cooking, heating, and other appliances. In fact, most homeowners and businesses prefer natural gas-powered appliances over electric appliances.

This is why natural gas leak detection should be included in your safety checks and maintenance. Gas leaks can lead to all kinds of health risks, carbon monoxide poisoning or worse, fire or explosion.

Common Signs Of A Gas Leak That Shouldn’t be Ignored

Any signs of a gas leak, no matter how small or irrelevant it may seem, must NEVER be ignored.

  • The smell of rotten eggs or sulphur.
  • A damaged connection to a gas line.
  • A white cloud, bubbles, or blowing dust in standing water.
  • Hissing or whistling sound near a gas line.
  • Plants are dying for no apparent reason. For example, grass and shrubs are turning brown or rusty.
  • Orange or yellow flames. The flames in your gas appliances should be blue. An orange or yellow flame is a sign that your gas is leaking.
  • Physical symptoms (for humans):
    • - Dizziness
      - Nausea
      - Headaches
      - Fatigue
      - Difficulty in breathing
      - Eye and throat irritation
      - Pale skin or blisters
      - Feeling light-headed
      - Nosebleed
      - Chest pains
      - Reduced appetite
      - Ringing in the ears

    • Physical Symptoms for pets:
    • - Breathing difficulties
      - Sudden mood and behavioural changes
      - Lethargy
      - Disorientation
      - Loss of appetite
      - Sore throat
      - Red or watering eyes
      - Vomiting

    What To Do When You Suspect Or Find A Gas Leak?

    When you suspect or find a gas leak, DON’T panic. Follow these steps:

    • Gather your family members and pets. Go outside where it is safe and has plenty of fresh air.
    • Call your local department or call us immediately so we can locate the leak quickly and take appropriate actions. Your gas leak can be caused by a burst pipe or other factors. Regardless, entrust the task of finding the leak to leak detection professionals who have the necessary equipment and safety protective gear.
    • Ask your local fire department or gas leak technicians like us for recommendations for a course of action and tradespeople.
    • Do NOT try to fix the problem yourself.
    • Stay away from the area where the leak is and wait for help.
    • Leave doors and windows open.

    What NOT To Do When There Is A Gas Leak

    • Do not touch your switches. Do not turn on or turn off your lights.
    • DO NOT light a flame.
    • Do not use any appliances.
    • Do not use your phone inside the area where the leak is.
    • Do not try to fix the leak yourself.
    • Do not stay inside while waiting for assistance.

    Following these steps can save your life, the lives of your loved ones, and your pets. Gas leaks are very dangerous if left unattended and should be dealt with carefully.

    What To Do After A Gas Leak

    Once the gas leak has been located, repaired, and resolved:

    • Wait for advice from your technicians or local authorities before entering your home.
    • Make sure you keep the doors and windows open and air out your house before you go back inside.
    • Install carbon monoxide alarms.
    • Follow the recommended course of action from your gas technicians or local fire department. Take action immediately.

    Gas Leak Prevention

    They say prevention is better than cure. This can’t be more true in gas leak detection. There are steps you can take to prevent gas leaks.

    • Schedule regular inspections. Gas leak detectors can easily locate gas leaks in your home.
    • Install carbon monoxide detectors and alarms.
    • Stay educated. Learn about the symptoms and signs fo a gas leak.
    • Allow adequate ventilation around gas-burning appliances.
    • Keep a fire extinguisher handy.
    • Store chemicals and flammable materials away from gas appliances.

    It is important to be quick and level-minded if you experience a gas leak. Keep calm and remember to call for help right away. Keep your family and loved ones safe at all times. Call us on 1300 425 325 for more information about our gas leak detection service. Let’s work together to secure your gas fuel system to ensure your safety.