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Tracer gas leak detection is used for hard to detect, hard to reach, micro leaks. This is a non -destructive method to detect water and gas leaks using nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, and other gasses.

Tracer gas leak testing is usually used in the following:

  • Plumping in Residential and commercial
  • Automotive industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Semiconductors
  • Other areas and cases where there is a suspected, hard to pinpoint water or gas leaks

When it comes to concrete, it is hard to detect the tiniest water and gas leak. It is the same with complicated machines. You need to check for leaks as part of your regular maintenance and for safety precautions.

Tracer Gas Leak Detection Melbourne

The smallest leaks can cause the biggest damage when left unattended. When your suspected leak is under heavy concrete or hard to reach areas, tracer gas leak detection is the perfect solution.

In plumbing, for example, gas is allowed to flow through the suspected pipes. The gas will flow up through the surface and through the leakage. This is how you identify the exact location of the problem areas.

Why Use Tracer Gas?

Tracer gas detection machines are fast and easy to use. It is very safe and environment-friendly so you and your family, even your pets, have nothing to worry about. It also does not contaminate your water during the whole process.

Types Of Tracer Gas

  • Helium - the most common gas used for this process. It is inert, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-destructive, and eco-friendly.
  • Nitrogen - it is used in combination with helium and other gasses for tracer gas leak detection.
  • Hydrogen - usually used in combination with nitrogen as a cheap alternative for helium in tracer gas detection.

Types of Tracer Gas Leak Testing Methods:

  • Helium Leak Testing - uses Helium Mass Spectrometer which provides high sensitivity in detecting the tiniest water or gas leaks.
  • Hydrogen Leak Testing - uses hydrogen, maybe mixed with nitrogen, in detecting leaks in residential, commercial and industrial areas and equipment.
  • Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection - this is used for refrigeration purposes. This can be for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

What Are The Uses Of Tracer Gas Detection?

While tracer gas detection is mostly used for plumbing, there are other users of tracer gas.

  • Leakage detection:
    - Plumbing
    - Natural gas detection
    - Equipment leaks
    - Water and gas leak detection
  • Commercial and Manufacturing industries that use hydrogen-based processes, like:
    - Petrochemical plants
    - Hydropacking
    - Vapocracking
    - Catalytic reforming
    - Steam reforming
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing that requires helium or hydrogen testing
  • Automotive Industry:
    - Airbag testing
    - Air Conditioning system
    - Fuel system
    - Exhaust system
  • Medical Industry:
    - Pacemakers
    - Catheters
  • Aeroplanes:
    - Fuel leaks
    - Oxygen distribution
    - Cabin pressurization
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Sewage and water networks especially drinking water

What Are The Requirements For Tracer Gas That Is Used For Leak Detection?

  • It should be non-toxic for humans, animals, and the environment.
  • It should be inert. It should be slow to react, non-flammable and non-reactive to chemicals.
  • It should not displace air. Air displacement can cause suffocation.
  • It should not be present in the air or at least only a small concentration in the ambient air, otherwise, it will not be able to detect water or gas leaks.
  • It should not be mistaken for other gases.
  • It should be quantifiable through test leaks.

When it comes to leakage, the trick is early detection and early intervention. Tracer gas detection may be used for tiny leaks but it is crucial in damage control. The smallest of leaks can cause severe damage and can rack up thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance costs if it is not resolved right away.


When you suspect a leak but cannot pinpoint it, do not delay and call WATER LEAK DETECTION right away. It is best to confirm the leak immediately so you can fix the problem before it gets worse.

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