What Are The Various Dangers Of Water Leaks At Home?

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What Are The Various Dangers Of Water Leaks At Home?

What Are The Various Dangers Of Water Leaks At Home

Most people treat water leaks at home as more of a nuisance than a serious problem. However, when left unchecked, even small water leaks can lead to a variety of dangers in and around your home. 

To find out more about the many dangers of water leaks, as well as the causes and ways to prevent water leaks from occurring in the first place, please read on below. 

Causes Of Water Leaks In Your Home 

  • Abnormally High Water Pressure: High water pressure can lead to leaking pipes. Since your home’s plumbing system can only handle a given level of water pressure, abnormally high pressure can lead to leaks at certain weak points, such as connection points, along the plumbing system. Weak parts of the pipes can even burst!
  • Corrosion: Most metallic plumbing parts are supplied with anti-corrosive treatments when new. These treatments normally wear off with time, leaving the metal susceptible to corrosion damage. Such parts may weaken, and develop holes or cracks that lead to hidden water leaks.  
  • Negligent Repairs: You might end up with leaky pipes after performing negligent repairs around your home. For instance, you may puncture one of the water pipes in your home when conducting a home remodelling project or cause a leak when you forget to tighten a newly installed pipe of fitting along the plumbing system.  
  • Regular Wear And Tear: If your home’s plumbing system has been in use for a long time, you can expect it to develop leaks here and there as various parts start to wear out and lose their effectiveness. Connections may become loose and washers may lose their thickness and flexibility.  

What Are The Various Dangers Of Water Leaks At Home

Potential Dangers Of Water Leaks In Your Home

  • Higher Water Bills: One of the most obvious negative impacts of leaky water pipes comes in the form of higher water bills.  
  • Water Contamination: When one of your home’s water pipes is damaged, external debris can enter leading to the contamination of your drinking water; thus, presenting a serious health risk to your family. 
  • Mould And Mildew: Hidden water leaks can lead to the growth of mould and mildew in your home. Exposure to mould spores can trigger a variety of health issues in humans including, respiratory issues, allergic reactions and skin irritations among others.  
  • Fire Hazard: Leaking pipes can also lead to a fire hazard especially when the leak is close to exposed electrical connections/wires. In addition to presenting a serious risk of electrocution, the water can also cause a short circuit which produces sparks that can lead to a fire, when it comes into contact with electrical wires.   
  • Structural Damage: Over time, undetected water leaks can lead to serious structural damage in your home. When exposed to water for an extended period of time, the structural components of your home, such as ceiling joists and roof framing, can be permanently damaged.   

How To Prevent Water Leaks In Your Home 

  • Install Water Leak Detection Devices: These devices are designed to sound an alarm when they detect moisture. As such, they can detect small and hidden water leaks with a high level of effectiveness. 
  • Conduct Regular Maintenance on Your plumbing System: As previously mentioned, your plumbing system, including appliances that use water, undergo regular wear and tear that can lead to water leaks over time. Conducting regular maintenance on the plumbing system and appliances can help prevent such leaks from developing. 
  • Maintain Trees And Other Vegetation: The roots of trees and vegetation growing near your home’s water pipes can end up wrapping around the pipes and breaking them. Where possible, try to keep vegetation away from your home’s utility pipes.    

Finals Thoughts 

As you can see from the above, a leaking water pipe can expose you and your family to serious health and safety risks. Fortunately, you can avoid all this by taking a few effective preventative measures.  

Reliable Water Leak Detection Services 

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