How Water Leak Detection Improves Business Efficiency

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How Water Leak Detection Improves Business Efficiency

Water Leak Detection Improves Business Efficiency

Does your business use a lot of water? Have you taken a close look at the water usage patterns? Do you suspect a water leak? Many industries use a ton of water for various processes. Water isn’t free and if your business is losing water due to undetected leakages, it could have devastating consequences. 

You will not only be paying more for water but undetected leaks can quickly translate into other problems. This is why smart business owners engage the help of water leak detection experts to determine the exact source of leaks and fix the problem permanently.

What Is Water Leak Detection?

This is the process of using a variety of techniques to figure out if there is a problem with the water pipes leading to water leakage. Water leakage is a big problem in just about every industry. Even minor leaks can lead to huge losses. If your business is leaking just an extra 5 L of water a day, it could add thousands of dollars of costs to your business.

Leak detection experts employ a variety of techniques to figure out the extent of leakage and to determine its source. Some of the techniques used for water leak detection include hydrostatic pressure test, pipe inspection with a video camera, electronic listening devices that use sound to detect leaks, slab leak detection method and various others.

Potential Cost of Water Leak

Water leakage can quickly get expensive and put a serious dent in your business finances. Even minor leaks can add up to a big total at the end of the year. While minor leaks are a problem, you will be in big trouble if the actual water mains start leaking. 

One of the reasons smart business owners are always checking for water leakage is that most leaks happen below the ground and nobody really knows that they are paying extra for water they are not using. Water leakage not only leads to additional water bill costs but also has the potential to damage other parts of the business. It could cause structural damage or damage to expensive water systems or appliances over time.

In terms of sheer numbers, water mains leakage has the potential to add an extra annual cost of around $2,000 to your business.

Water Leak Detection Improves Business Efficiency

How Does Water Leak Detection Work?

If you suspect water leakage at your business, you should immediately engage the services of an expert water leak detection team. One of the ways to keep track of water use is to install an automated tool for measuring water usage at various times of the day. If the tool shows water usage even when no one is there, it could be due to an undetected leak. Experts use a variety of techniques to pinpoint the source of leakage.

They will perform a thorough survey that will trace all the water lines and check these lines to determine the source of the leaks. A variety of methods are used based on the material and diameter of the water pipe, type of soil and type of surface above the ground. 

The acoustic leak detection method is used by experts to listen to sounds. This helps in pinpointing the exact location of the leakage. Sometimes, tracer gas is also used for detection. Thermal images are also used by experts to pinpoint a leak. Specially designed video camera equipment is also used to determine the source of the leak. Once the leakage has been determined, the team will employ a variety of methods to fix the leak permanently.

5 Ways Water Leak Detection Can Improve Your Business

There are several advantages of engaging the services of a leak detection expert. Here’s a list of the top 5:

1). It helps in improving operational efficiency by fixing water leaks

2). It helps save money by lowering the operational costs of the water system

3). If you are in an industry that is at high risk of contamination, fixing leaks helps in reducing the risk of contamination

4). Fixing water leaks at the earliest possible time helps in extending the life of your facilities and reduces the potential for further property damage

5). Your business won’t experience a surprise water outage event 

Keep in mind that water leakage not only adds extra cost to your business in the short term but can lead to structural damage in the long run. You should keep an eye on the water usage pattern of your business and compare the records. If the records show increased water usage for no reason, it could be caused by undetected water leakage. In such cases, a leak detection expert can help you detect the exact source of the leak and fix it properly.

Final Thoughts

Every business needs water. Some businesses need it more than others. However, water leaks happen all the time. It could be due to faulty water pipes or minor plumbing issues or other issues. Smart business owners keep a close eye on water usage and engage the services of leak detection experts in case they suspect a water leakage problem. It not only helps save money on the water bill in the short run but also protects the building and the water system from damage in the long run.

Reliable Water Leak Detection Services

Water Leak Detection is a premium leak detection service. We specialise in detecting and fixing water leakages by employing a variety of techniques. Some of the services we offer include acoustic detection, video camera inspections, thermal imaging detection, pipe location, natural gas detection as well as tracer gas detection techniques. Our expert team uses state-of-the-art equipment and non-invasive methods to get the job done properly.

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