How To Find A Water Leak Under Concrete?

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How To Find A Water Leak Under Concrete?

How Find Water Leak Under Concrete

There may come a time that pipes, water, and sewer lines can begin to erode and leak. This can often occur with wear and tear that is often common in many homes. 

Contrary to common assumption, repairing a leaky pipe located beneath a concrete slab is not all that hard. Locating and gaining access to the faulty pipe can be challenging, but detecting the leak, cutting through the slab, and repairing the pipe is relatively simple.

If you want to learn more about how to detect water leaks under concrete, please feel free to continue reading below to learn more. 

Signs Of A Leak Under Concrete

When it comes to identifying signs of a water leak under concrete, there are three main indicators to keep an eye out for. These indicators are as follows:

1). There is water or damp spots on your floor. If hot-water lines are leaking, this may also lead to warm spots on your floor. Walking around the house (if indoors) with bare feet can allow you to identify the location of the leak as you will be able to feel the heat through the floor.

2). You can hear the sound of rushing water underneath your floor. If you find that it seems as though there is a faucet running under your house, you most likely have a water leak. 

3). There is a significant increase in your water bill. Because a broken water line will run continuously this can lead to a greater increase in your water bill. As such, it is important to have this checked by a plumber immediately.

How Find Water Leak Under Concrete

While the above signs often pertain to indoor situations, there are also other ways to detect, say, leaking sewer lines. Leaking sewer lines might be more challenging to detect and can go unnoticed until there are more visible signs such as domed sections of flooring. 

If you suspect that you may have a leaking sewer line, it is recommended to check your foundation for heaving. Heaving occurs when the slab swells to a size that lifts the entire structure

However, you may also encounter more elusive leaks that will require the need for specialised sonar devices, infrared cameras, or helium detection equipment. Once all the water is completely turned off, air is pumped into the lines to force out any remaining water. This allows the plumber to listen for air escaping from the damaged pipe.

In general, there is no one conclusive or exhaustive way to detect water under concrete. This is because it depends on the nature and security of the leak, which is a case-to-case basis. Nonetheless, there are still methods and techniques by which water leaks under concrete may be detected. 

Fixing Water Leaks Under Concrete

Once the leak has been identified, it is up to the plumber to evaluate the situation and locate the leak. Solutions may be to re-plumb the affected section or to install entirely new plumbing throughout the area. 

When the plumber has been able to locate the leak, access to the pipe is gained by jackhammering a hole into the floor. Finished flooring must be removed to expose the concrete. An important thing to note is that opening concrete can cause a lot of dust, so make sure to remove valuable furnishings around the area.

How Find Water Leak Under Concrete

Once the hole is cut, dirt will be removed and access to the leaking pipe is much easier. If the plumber deems it fit to repair the pipe, a hacksaw or tubing cutter will be used to cut out the damaged section. It will then be replaced with new tubing that will be stationed in place to repair the flow.

From here, the pipe is buried, the concrete is replaced, the floors are fixed, and everything should be back to normal.

Repairing leaky sewer lines is a trickier job which will have to be done by a plumber. This is because the type of pipe along with health-related issues involving human waste must be considered.

Nonetheless, it is critical to ask a plumber to carry out these jobs for you as they are equipped with the skill, knowledge, expertise, and tools to accomplish the job thoroughly, properly, and safely. 


Finding water leaks under concrete can be easy or hard depending on the severity of the leak and the setting in which the leak is located. Engaging the services of a trusted plumber is one of the best ways to help solve an issue such as a water leak under concrete.

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