4 Apps To Use In Detecting Water Leaks At Home

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4 Apps To Use In Detecting Water Leaks At Home

4 Apps Detecting Water Leaks Home.

Undetected water leaks can lead to serious structural damage in and around your home. Over time, even the smallest water leaks can cause a significant increase in your water bill in addition to extensive water damage. That’s why water leak detection is critical, regardless of whether the leaks are hidden behind walls, in the ceiling or under your home’s floors is important. With the right detection methods, you will be able to find any leaks fixed as early as possible, and prevent serious damage and/or unnecessary costs.

Are you concerned about the dangers of having hidden water leaks at home? Would you like to have a simple and straightforward way of detecting such leaks? If so, you will be happy to know that thanks to technological advancements, detecting water leaks is now as simple as using an app on your smartphone. Here are four apps that you can use to detect water leaks:  

  • iQuarius
  • Leak Detector 
  • LeakSMART
  • Early Water Leak Alert  

Read on below to find out more about these apps. 

1). iQuarius

Designed for Android users, iQuarius is a simple to use water leak detection app that pinpoints the exact location of any leaks. The app makes it possible for users to detect leaks swiftly; and, have them fixed in no time. To pinpoint the location of the leak, the app comes with a smartphone-based sensor that uses a form of acoustic leak detection and GPS positioning properties.  

2). Leak Detector 

Designed for both iOS and Android devices, Leak Detector is another great app that makes the work of detecting water leaks easy and effortless. This specific app can be used to detect hidden water leaks in your home’s floors, walls and ceiling. The app also helps you calculate the production rate so you can have the leak(s) fixed. 

To detect a water leak, just place your smartphone within a few feet of the suspected location of the leak and activate the app. The app will then use your phone’s built-in microphone to listen to high-frequency sound within a narrow band – of about 20kHz – before playing it back at a lower frequency. Afterwards, you can listen to the hiss and look at the red/green display, which indicates the presence of a leak. 

4 Apps Detecting Water Leaks Home.

3). LeakSMART

LeakSMART is designed to work with both iOS and Android devices. With this awesome app, you can effectively prevent water damage by stopping leaks as soon as they start. The app is designed to detect water leaks in the entire house using up to 32 sensors. As soon as any leak is detected, the app notifies you and also shuts down your main water within 5 seconds. The app uses both visible and audible alarms to signal the occurrence of leaks, in addition to sending an app notification to your phone.   

4). Early Water Leak Alert  

With the help of a series of strategically located sensors all over your home’s plumbing system, the Early Water Leak Alert App makes it possible for you to prevent water damage by notifying you of any leaks as soon as they occur. If the system detects any water leaks, you will receive an immediate notification on your smartphone through the app. You can then take swift and deliberate steps towards having the issue resolved; thus, preventing extensive damage. 


Hidden water leaks are not only highly inconvenient but can also lead to costly repairs depending on the extent of water damage. If you suspect there is a water leak in your home, or are interested in installing a water leak detection system in your home, contact Water Leak Detection today.

If you suspect you have a water leak, please call us at Water Leak Detection for a free consultation today on 1300 425 325 or leave an inquiry on our website.