5 Signs You Have A Damaged Sewer Pipe

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5 Signs You Have A Damaged Sewer Pipe

Signs You Have A Damaged Sewer Pipe

Has your main sewage line been clogged? Is it causing you stress and sleepless nights? Unfortunately, an extensive repair or replacement is usually necessary for the damaged sewer pipe.

The main sewage line is an essential component of your plumbing systems. It connects all pipes, drains, and plumbing. Poor maintenance of plumbing fixtures, drains, and pipelines can affect the central sewer system over time. Repairing or replacing your broken sewer line is easy when you know what causes it.

Symptoms Of A Damaged Sewer Pipe

You need to know what a clogged sewer line looks like before you hire a plumber to fix it. The knowledge will enable you to take prompt corrective action. Some of the signs of a damaged sewerage include;

1). Sewage overflow: Water backing up in one area of your home is the most apparent symptom of something wrong with your sewage system. In such cases, you may experience difficulty when flushing the toilet. This means your pipes are already clogged, and water flows back through them.

2). Unpleasant odour: Unpleasant sewer gas is another indication of degradation in your sewer systems. Sewer lines are well-sealed to carry debris, and no mechanism should exist for odours to escape. Although the bad smell won’t make you sick, being around leaky sewerage might.

3). Slow flow: Slow draining indicates clogged drains in your plumbing or sewage line. A clogged sewer system is quite a serious issue that might even result in a broken sewer pipe.

4). Mould development: Is the water flowing from your sewer line contacting neighbouring objects? If so, mould will certainly develop on those surfaces since it thrives in moist environments. Your sewer line may be broken if you notice mould on your walls or ceiling.

5). Lush grass: Does one area in your yard appear greener than the others? If so, your sewage system can be leaking. The grass near a leaking septic tank becomes lush and green as septic waste can act as a fertiliser for plants.

Signs You Have A Damaged Sewer Pipe

How To Identify Damaged Sewer Pipes

Nearly every home has experienced a clogged drain or a slow-draining sink at some point. A single clog may be inconvenient, but it is typically simple to clear. Below is how you can identify damaged sewer pipes;

Leaking Or Burst Pipe 

If you start noticing cracks in your foundation and basement, your sewer pipes are damaged despite the normal drainage system functioning. Water will stand in your yard or basement when sinkhole forms resulting in a hard-to-forget smelling sewer. A buried damaged wastewater line can also cause asphalt or pavers to degrade. The extra nutrients from the septic waste will make the plants around the break green and healthy.

Pipe Blockage

Among the signs of a broken sewer are slow drains. In such cases, your toilets may fail to flush, or your bathtub may develop soap scum due to poor drainage. Your toilet water levels might also vary and sometimes become too low some hours after flushing. Furthermore, deposits may also develop due to backing up water in the basement floor drain. The dripping water may attract rodents and other pests.

What Causes Sewer Pipes To Break?

Sewage cannot properly flow through the system when sewer pipes are defective, which frequently and immediately results in sewage backups. Some of the sewer pipe breakers are soil shifting, increased activity on the surface, and extensive construction tools above ground.

Corroding old pipes may also break or disintegrate. Water and sewage leaking out of the lines is another major cause of broken sewer pipes. The leakage is caused by failing seals between the various segments.

Final Thoughts

You can start resolving the issue of a crack in your sewer line once you know what caused it. Start by calling the utility provider to come and address the issue. If you find it challenging to determine the location of the obstruction, call a professional.

Hire Professional Water Leak Detection Experts

You might be able to unclog a clogged drain on your own if you have the appropriate equipment and knowledge. If not, speak with an expert at Water Leak Detection about your clogged drain. Our team is available to you from when you call us until the job is complete. We handle both urgent situations and prearranged appointments.

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