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Signs Of Water Damage At Home

Are you worried that your home might be suffering from water damage? There are several signs to look out for when it comes to these kinds of issues. Some of these signs can range from dark or wet spots to the sound of running water. 

If you are worried that you may have water damage at home, then please continue reading this article to learn more about detecting water damage in your home. 

Signs Of Water Damage

There are various signs of possible water damage at home. The good thing is that most of these signs are very recognisable, so it should not be hard to detect leaks. Here are a few of these signs:

1). Dark Or Wet Spots

Dark or wet spots are one of the most telltale signs of water damage. They usually take the form of discolouration – usually brown, yellow or copper – on your ceiling or on your home’s interior and exterior walls. These watermarks are very noticeable and hard to miss.

2). Cracking, Flaking, Or Bubbling

You can also identify water damage if the paint on your walls or ceiling begins to crack, flake, or bubble up. These signs, especially a bulging drywall, are also quite noticeable and are very telling of possible water damage. 

Signs Water Damage Home

3). Utility Bill Increase

You might be wondering why your utility bills are increasing. It could very much be because you have a hidden water leak or damage that is forming. It is important to make sure you are mindful of any unusual increases in your utility bill.

4). Sounds Of Running Water

While you may not be able to see water damage, you might be able to hear it. If you hear sounds such as dripping, creaking floors or rushing or running water, then these may be indicators of water damage. 

However, these sounds might also be an indication of a properly functioning water system. As such, you must be mindful of any changes in the sound to detect inconsistencies that may suggest water damage. 

5). Pooling Water Or Puddles

Pools of water can be attributed to leaks or ongoing drips. If the puddle comes back after you have cleaned it up, this could be an indicator of a water leak. 

6). Damp, Mouldy, Or Musty Smell

Damp, mouldy, or musty smells are another big indicator that there is water damage. They are quite hard to miss since they have very distinct smells given that they can be accompanied by mould. 

Fixing Water Damage

You are now able to identify the signs of water damage, but what are you supposed to do next? Following are some steps that you should take:

1). Stopping The Water

Once you have been able to accurately locate the source of the water, you have to stop it. If the water is from an appliance, do not use it. Do not disconnect it if you are unable to do it safely.

If the source is leaky pipes, turn off the water source until the pipe can be repaired. If the water is coming from a poorly waterproofed bathroom, then avoid using the bathroom or lay towels down to prevent water from seeping through the floor.

For a leaky roof, you will need professional help to detect and fix these water leaks as this can be more complex than other leaks in your home.

Signs Water Damage Home

2). Repair The Leak

Repairing the leak can be done by yourself, but it is always better to hire a professional water leak detections service to do this for you. This is because they have the skills and experience to safely deal with problems and pinpoint the issue.

3). Dry Everything Out

Next, you have to get rid of all the water that has gathered, along with any materials that were damaged in the process. Drying out the water prevents mould formation. You must dry the area as quickly as you can because it only takes 24 hours for mould to form.

Using industrial fans can help you with this step. Make sure everything is completely dry then check after a few days to see if more water has gathered. If it has, you will need to repeat the second step again. 


There are several telltale signs of water damage at home. If you have been able to pick up on these signs, then you are on the right path to fixing the problem before there is too much damage to your property.

While you can detect the signs yourself, it is important to call a professional service so that they can use their experience and expertise to help solve the problem.

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