How To Detect Burst Pipes

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How To Detect Burst Pipes

burst pipes

Burst water pipes can be the result of many factors – sudden changes in temperature especially freezing cold, rust, installation issues, and many other reasons. More important than knowing why your water pipes have burst is detecting a leak or a burst pipe itself.

It can be hard to notice you have a water leak unless there is flooding. Sometimes, it starts with small unnoticeable leaks that build up to a big problem if left unattended. The moment you notice, it may be too late because severe damage has already been done. It is important to detect leaks at the onset, no matter how small. Watch out for signs of leaking pipes by following some of the following tips.

The first thing you should do when you suspect a leak is to locate the source of the leak. Turn off the water supply before attempting any repairs and contact a leak detection company. (Read more about how to turn your water off during emergencies here: How To Locate A Water Meter And Turn The Water Off)

7 Easy Ways to Detect Burst Pipes


1. A Sudden Spike in Your Water Bill

Water bills may fluctuate depending on your usage or the time of year but as a homeowner, you should have a good idea of the range or average amount you consume every month. If there is a sudden spike in your water bill, after taking other factors into consideration, take it as a warning. Check for obvious signs of damaged pipes. If you can’t find any, call your local plumber or get professional services to find the leak.

2. Change in Water Pressure

Leaks can cause your water pressure to drop. This is one of the more obvious signs of a water leak or a damaged pipe. As soon as you notice a sudden drop in water pressure in your shower, laundry and other taps around the house, call for professional help right away.

3. Water Marks

Plumbing systems run through walls and flooring. Watch out for the smallest signs of watermarks on your floors and walls. Watch out for drips and puddles inside the house as well. When you notice water marks, try to trace them to the source. If you see more drips and puddles, call your plumber right away.

4. Standing Water

If you notice puddles and sinkholes near your pipes, that is a sure sign of a leaking plumbing line. Do not attempt to fix it yourself. Call your plumber and have them investigate further and fix the problem immediately.

5. Water Discolouration and Bad Odour

Leaky pipes, especially ones caused by rust, will produce brownish water. Watch out for any changes to the colour of your water. Leaks in water pipes can lead to bad odour too. Sewage water can mix in with the plumbing line through the leak. Water discolouration and bad odour is a sign that the problem needs an urgent solution. Do not let the problem sit for a long time as it can cause health problems and safety hazards.

6. Strange and Unusual Water Noise

Burst pipes can lead to unusual water noises. This is one of the signs to watch out for when investigating plumbing problems. Gurgling or whistling noises are some of the common sounds you will hear.

7. Visible Pipe Damage and Issues

Some plumbing lines are exposed and visible. Inspect the pipes for visible signs of problems to confirm the source of the leak. You can do this yourself or with the help of your plumber.

How to Conduct a Mains Pressure Test

  • – Check your water metre and turn it off.
  • – Take note of the metre reading so you can use it as a point of reference.
  • – Let the metre rest for at least 30 minutes before turning it on again. Make sure that no one uses any of the taps inside the house.
  • – Turn on the water metre again. If the water metre reading has changed and is continuing to run despite no one using, that means you have a leak.

Confirming the leak is one thing, determining how severe the leakage is and the havoc it is wreaking underneath is another issue. That is why it is vital to contact your plumber immediately at the first signs of a burst pipe. When you try to fix the problem yourself, you are wasting precious time when your plumber could have worked on and solved the problem quickly, avoiding further damage.

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