How Does A Water Leakage Detection System Work?

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How Does A Water Leakage Detection System Work?

How Does Water Leakage Detection System Work

Plumbing lines and other utility lines are usually buried underground or under the heavy concrete in the building’s foundation. This is why when there are water leaks in your home or office, or at least you suspect there are hidden water leaks of some sort, it can be hard to locate the problem area. This is where a reliable and effective water leak detection system comes in handy.

A good water leak detection system is usually installed at the point where the water enters the building. This usually acts as the first line of defence for any plumbing issues you may encounter.

How Does A Good System Work

  • Monitors the flow of water through the plumbing system.
  • Detects abnormal behaviour in the water pipes and in the water system.
  • Cuts off the main water flow to the entire building by closing the valve within the system when a leak is found.
  • A good leak detection system is programmable so that you can customise the shut-off settings based on your household usage.
  • A good system can be connected to smartphones so you can get updates anytime, anywhere.
  • A good system has smart valves that will cut off the water source the moment it detects flooding.
  • It also can detect when your plumbing service is in danger of freezing.

A water leak detection system is only the first step. Once the system successfully does its work, you will then need to call your plumber immediately so they can pinpoint the exact location of the leak and your plumber can get straight to work on the repairs.

How Does Water Leakage Detection System Work

How Do You Pinpoint The Water Leak?

Locating hard to find water leaks will require specialised equipment and technology so inspectors can accurately pinpoint the leak, determine the severity of the leak and the damage it has caused in the pipe, the foundation, and surrounding areas. This will also give the inspectors an idea of what is needed to be done to repair the damage.

Water leaks can lead to an increase in your water bill, structural, equipment and damage to your property, as well as an electrical failure or worse, fire. It is important to address the leak immediately using the appropriate leak detection equipment.

There are many ways to find water leaks in both residential and commercial areas. The method to use all depends on the budget, the type of leak and its suspected location. Here are two of the more popular water leak techniques today.

Acoustic Leak Detection – this still remains the primary means of detecting and finding leaks in plumbing and gas pipes. This method uses acoustic sensors. It is a listening device that detects the slightest to the strongest sounds made by water leaks in the pipe. The acoustic sensors use the pipes as the medium in transmitting the sound in order to find the water leak.

Thermal Imaging – this method uses thermal cameras to easily locate problem areas in plumbing and other utility lines. This is a non-invasive, non-contact method that helps find the leak quickly without causing any structural damage.

How Does Water Leakage Detection System Work

Act Quickly With Water Leaks

Whenever your water leakage detection system detects a leak, you need to act on it right away. Water leaks, when not addressed, can cause:

  • Physical damage to the pipes and building itself.
  • Expensive repair costs.
  • Mould, fungus, and mildew growth.
  • Health Problems like asthma, allergic reactions, skin irritation, coughing, red eyes, and many others.
  • Contaminants from the pipe can enter the drinking water system which is very dangerous.

When it comes to water leak detection services you need to take action right away. The good news is, Water Leak Detection Melbourne caters to emergency cases so you can call us anytime the need arises.

Keep your plumbing lines in good shape. Find those leaks as early as possible and save yourself time and money in the process.

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